The webmaster requests your understanding for following 2 facts:

第一,本站,如同很多站一样,配置有“访问日志”。 服务器的程序会在日志中,对每次访问作以简要的记录,例如时刻、访客所提交的数据、服务器作出的回应等。 我们希望了解本站服务器的运行情况。通过这些数据,我们可以知道网站是否出现错误。 此外,访问日志帮助我们应对互联网上的各种麻烦的威胁:被滥用的程序(用来攻击网站)、对网站的入侵尝试(例如提交的错误数据)。 只有通过日志,我们才能发现这些问题,并及时采取防护措施。

Firstly, this site, just like most other sites, is recording access logs. The server program will briefly log each visit, e.g. time, data submitted, the response, etc. We would like to know how health our server is running. With this data, we know if the server has encountered errors. Access logs also help us fighting against threats in the Internet: abused programs(for attacking websites), attempts for a intrusion(by submitting wrong data). Only with such knowledges, we can discover problems and take proper actions in time.

第二,本站,在很多网页中嵌入了分析代码。 这一代码在不影响您的浏览的同时,同样会记录您的访问情况,并提交到用来分析用户访问的服务器。 我们希望通过这些代码,知道您是如何来到这个网页,对什么内容更加感兴趣等信息。 通过这样的调查,本站能更加了解哪些内容是您所需要的,并在未来提供更多或者更深入的信息。

Secondly, we embed analytic codes in web pages. These codes will also record your visit in the background. Data will be submitted to the analytic server. With this, we know how you came to this page, and what are your interests. Such a survey will tell us which contents are mostly needed, and show us the path for enhancing such information in the future.


As an inevitable consequence, following data will recorded each time you visit our site.

  1. 访问时刻 是精确到秒的您来访问的时刻。
  2. IP地址 根据能找到的数据不同,可以确定您的所在国家和/或城市,或者更精确的地理位置。
  3. 网址 能确定您所访问的网页是什么。同时也包括网址中可能附加的参数(然而,正常访问本站是不应该出现这种情况的)。
  4. 来源地址 如果您通过点击某个链接,例如搜索引擎的结果,或者其他网站到本站的链接,而进入本站的话,这个数据将告诉我们您是怎么来到这里的。 根据对这个地址的分析,我们有可能了解到您在搜索时所用到的关键字。
  5. 浏览器参数 这是您的浏览器发送的数据,我们据此可以了解浏览器类型。一般的浏览器可能还会发送您的操作系统和浏览器版本等其他信息。 我们有时可能据此了解到您是使用手机还是电脑,以及是哪种手机。

  1. Time of your visit, which is the time in second upon your arrival.
  2. IP Address, which provides, depending on the accuracy of available data source, clues on your country and/or city, or more.
  3. URL, which shows which page you have seen. It also records additional data encoded inside the URL, which should however not the case in a normal visit.
  4. Referer, which is the URL, from which you have clicked and been redirected to our site. This tells us how you came here, and by analyzing this URL, we may sometimes know the keywords that you have searched.
  5. Parameters of the browser(User-Agent), which is the identifier sent by your browser. We know the type of browser from that. But most browsers also send information about your operating system and the browser version, from which may infer if you are using a computer or a mobile phone, and, which.

本站由于不要求您进行注册,所以一般来说不能将上述记录的信息和您在互联网线上或者线下的身份对应起来。 换句话说,虽然被记录了这些信息,您的身份对本站来说仍然是一个谜。

But because our site does not require a registration, we may mostly not associate the recorded data with your identity online or offline. In other words, although such data were recorded, your identity remains mysterious to us.


However, if you have made a comment, although the commenting system is independent from the analyzing system, it may still be possible to co-relate your IP and your comment by time.

对于上述收集的信息,本站将同对待本站其他数据一样安全保管。 这些信息将只用来分析和改善本站的访问,决不向第三方透漏。

The gathered information will be kept secure just like other pieces of our data. They will be only used to analyzing and improving the site, and will not be exposed to the third party.

然而,唯一的一个例外是: 当本站发现您的访问已经不属于正常访客的行为,而对本站的运行可能产生危害时——NeoAtlantis应用科学和神秘学实验室情报组保留利用数据记录对此进行分析调查的权利。

With however one single exception: When our site have found, that your visiting behaviour is more than normal and thus endangers our operation–the department of intelligence(Abteilung NaDi) reserves the right of keeping the data record and investigating on it.